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Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimate Beverage Challenge offers spirits and wine producers and importers the opportunity to gain an unbiased evaluation and authoritative endorsement for their products. Both Challenges, Ultimate Spirits and Ultimate Wine, provide unimpeachable results of how individual products and brands compare to others in their specific category. UBC uses an innovative, multilevel and progressive system of evaluation by recognized authorities that gives each entry the ideal environment and opportunity to showcase its best qualities. UBC results are the platinum standard for beverage competitions and are the ultimate marketing tool for producers and importers. Winners of UBC awards will have earned their way to the top through rigorous but unbiased evaluation and will therefore be recognized as leading brands in their category.

Ultimate SPIRITS Challenge evaluates, scores and awards honors to the best spirit in its category – i.e., best gin, best tequila, best rum, best cognac, etc. There are over twenty separate categories for evaluation. In addition to being evaluated neat, at no extra cost suitable products such as unflavored vodka, tequila, most rums, gin etc. are assessed in a category-relevant cocktail. (Products deemed not suitable for cocktail evaluation are flavored or long-aged spirits.)

Ultimate WINE Challenge: Wine producers, importers and marketers benefit from the UBC's groundbreaking multilevel system of judging, as well as from the experience, acumen and expertise of the judging panels. Products are evaluated, scored and awarded recognition and accolades. The coveted Chairman's Trophy is awarded to the top scoring wines in each category.

We have the finest judging panels, headed by internationally renowned beverage alcohol expert, F. Paul Pacult. Paul is respected for his uncompromising and unbiased approach to beverage evaluation.

UBC has the most innovative multilevel evaluation system for the sole purpose of coming to the fairest, most unbiased, and most authoritative results possible.

Beverage entries are served in the most appropriate style of glasses, and at their ideal serving temperatures in order to showcase their best attributes for the judging panels.

As a way to gain national recognition within the U.S., in order to possibly gain importers, distributors or the media’s notice. Your product's results, ratings and reviews will be widely distributbed to buyers and influencers in the wide and spirits industry through our web site, email, and publicity. 

If you don’t have a US importer, UBC will assist you with the documentation required by U.S. Customs. Please email info@ultimate-beverage.com

No. In fact, entering the challenges is a wonderful way to attract attention for greater distribution.

Your award is identified for the specific year they are judged. Any time you mention your Chairman’s Trophy, you must also cite the year it was awarded. 

Three reasons that your score may be better: Although many of our judges are returning for the 2017 Challenges we have added new judges. Also, the panel compositions will differ from last year. Your products will be judged with different peer products in the blind tasting flight than in a previous year. For each Challenge we can assure you of a level playing field and completely unbiased, honest and fair evaluations.

Yes. Concise and detailed reviews are provided for all products  that score 85 points and higher.

No. In our view, the problem with many competitions is that they award too many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, thereby diluting the recognition of product excellence by frequently awarding mediocrity. Who wants a Bronze Medal or even a Silver Medal? Medals are money-making vehicles for competitions. We feel that the 100-point system is more readily understood and appreciated by consumers in making a purchasing decision.

All entries that are scored 80 and up will receive UBC Certificates of Commendation stating their score and relevant accolade and a Great Value accolade, if applicable. All entries scored 85 plus also receive tasting notes. The highest scoring wine and spirits products receive categorical awards along with their scores, for example Chairman’s Trophy, Gin; Ultimate Spirits Challenge 97 Points/Extraordinary-Ultimate Recommendation. In addition, we have a wonderful marketing section on our website where you may download all artwork, shelftalkers, certificates, etc. at no cost for use in your advertising and marketing campaigns.

You will find all information regarding entry fees, category codes/classifications and shipping information listed under each individual challenge on the website:

Ultimate SPIRITS Challenge: $525 per spirit submission. Click here for more information.

Ultimate WINE Challenge: $95 per wine submission. Click here for more information.

The list of category codes and classifications can be found under each Challenge's information on the website. However, if you have any questions or need advice on which category your product falls into please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by telephone at 1.347.878.6551. We are here to assist you.

Ultimate Spirits Challenge:  February 17, 2017.

Ultimate Wine Challenge:  April 21, 2017.

We are represented by Manuela Savona of Savona Communications. Contact Manuela at (tel.) 917. 969.1275 or (email) manuela@savonacommunications.com

If you have any other questions, please contact us at 347-878-6551 or info@ultimate-beverage.com.