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Founded in 2013, ReserveBar was born with a commitment to celebrating and sharing good times by providing the best premium, reserve spirits, luxury champagne, and fine wine. ReserveBar has become the preeminent online destination for premium and luxury spirits due to industry-leading tech and expertise in customization, personalization, and innovative gifting, as well as exclusive offerings and limited-edition collaborations. ReserveBar delivers the most curated offerings and white-glove service to homes across the United States, a one-stop-shop for the best in spirits, wine, and champagne.

Arc International GlasswareArc International Glassware
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Chef & Sommelier glassware is dedicated to naturally enhancing the enjoyment of spirits, cocktails and wine. Each glass in the unique Open Up series features a revolutionary angled bowl design that provides wine and spirits drinkers an incomparable tasting experience.



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Ferrarelle, Italy's leading sparkling mineral water, is derived from volcanic rock springs near the region of Naples. The water is rich in minerals and natural gases, thus acquiring its unique taste and digestive properties. Ferrarelle’s small, gentle bubbles and pure taste cleanse the palate, making it a perfect accompaniment to any meal. Ferrarelle also produces Natia, a still mineral water, captured from the same springs.