About Ultimate Beverage Challenge

World's Best Spirits and Wine Competition

Ultimate Beverage Challenge’s mission is to create and establish a new and higher standard of evaluation for spirits and wine that provides accurate, meaningful and useful results in recognizing and promoting the quality of beverage alcohol products. It accomplishes this by the integrity of its people and approach, its innovative and exacting methodology, and through the credibility of its results.

Integrity is the cornerstone of Ultimate Beverage Challenge’s beverage competitions. Winning hard-won accolades and relevant scores awarded by the most respected and experienced authorities in the industry translate into benefits of marketing opportunities for producers, importers and marketers and confidence from buyers and consumers that the results achieved are accurate and reliable.

Ultimate Beverage Challenge’s methodology raises the standard for competitive beverage evaluation by instituting more rigorous judging.  Each product is reviewed under ideal tasting conditions over a period of time that allows the product to express its best characteristics. Each product is evaluated blind by panels in multi-stages assessments to remove any inherent or individual bias.

Results of Ultimate Beverage Challenge’s competitions are the most credible and relevant in the industry. The highest rated products are deemed the best by their competitive performance among their peers in each product category. Citations of excellence: Chairman’s Trophy, Finalist, and Great Value awarded at Ultimate Beverage Challenge competitions have genuine meaning and authenticity because these products have earned their way to the top. Trade buyers and consumers recognize and respond to the value of Ultimate Beverage Challenge accolades and scores.

Ultimate Beverage Challenge is the definitive spirits and wine evaluation company today. Its two world-class competitions Ultimate Spirits Challenge and Ultimate Wine Challenge provide unparalleled value, offering results that are reliable and easily understandable in today’s marketplace, creating opportunities for the industry, and establishing the platinum standard that defines what beverage evaluation should be.