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Kami Kenna
Kami Kenna
Bartender, consultant, distiller
Kami Kenna

Kami Kenna is a spirits brand owner, tequila tour coordinator, bartender, consultant, distiller, and drinks activist and educator based between Mexico, New York, and Peru.

In 2014, Kami won a bartending competition in Portland, Oregon that took her to Peru. In a leap of faith, she sold everything she owned and decided to stay a while. In Peru, Kami became an owning-partner of PiscoLogía, a women-owned Peruvian pisco brand. She is the sales and marketing manager and oversees new product development, import/export logistics, and cocktail design. Kami and her partners co-created, the Pisco Certificate Course, recognized as a top trend of 2021 by The Spirits Business. 

During her time in Peru, she also became the assistant distiller at an investigative micro-distillery in the Peruvian Andes and helped to develop its flagship products and consulted for breweries, bars, and restaurants throughout Latin America.

Experience Agave, the first boutique brand dedicated to promoting the history and tradition of agave spirits through immersive, educational tour experiences, brought Kami to Mexico in 2016  where she is now a senior tour coordinator leading tours in Jalisco.

In 2022, she acquired her master’s degree in Food Studies from New York University where her work focused on the intersection of spirited beverages with culture, race, and gender.