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Spirits Trend: Craft Vodka

The craft spirits movement is sweeping across all categories, including vodka. While vodka is often thought of as an also-ran spirit, the new wave of thoughtful drinkers and producers are elevating it to new heights.

Producers are incorporating more information on their websites and advertisements to offer transparency of sourcing and process as a way to distinguish their products. The conversation of terroir and how source materials, including water, influence the final product are coming to the forefront.

On the other side, consumers are actively educating themselves to cultivate a deeper appreciation of the unique subtleties of vodka. Characteristics like mouthfeel and overall texture are starting to play a bigger role in how people choose their spirits.

As the trend continues to gain traction from all angles, we can expect to see the vodka category develop a sub category geared toward geeky drinkers who approach vodka as thoroughly as enthusiasts approach whiskey and tequila.

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