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Wine Trend: Canned Wine Category Expanding

Canned wine is way more than cheap, portable wine. After showing significant favor with consumers, the category is expanding in region, styles, and grape varieties. The alternative sizes, convenience, and whimsy involved in a new packaging is proving successful. 

Until recently most canned wine was pretty neutral white wine, usually pinot grigio, or nondescript rosé with a touch of residual sugar. While those wines have mass appeal in a non offensive way, the expansion of wine in cans is showing more wines of quality from broader regions, like classic areas of Europe in a range of styles from still white to sparkling red. 

In 2019 the Ultimate Wine Challenge had a few canned wines that scored higher than many bottled counterparts. Some of the standouts were the canned wines from Bollicini scoring 92 Points as well as garnering Finalist and Great Value awards.  

While they may not be the go-to choice for thoughtfully paired dinner parties, these cans are starting to appeal to every level of wine drinker for casual occasions. Especially useful for beach trips and picnics, the lighter weight and generous size (a regular soda-sized can is actually half a bottle) is a plus. As more consumers get on board with this trend that shows staying power, we can expect even more wines across all quality levels, regions, and styles to grace liquor store shelves.

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