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Promoting Your Wine and Spirits Scores, Awards, Ratings and Reviews to Buyers


Ultimate Wine Challenge & Ultimate Spirits Challenge Ratings & Reviews Assist with Wine and Spirits Ordering

High-scoring wines and spirits that participate in the annual Ultimate Wine Challenge and Ultimate Spirits Challenge have their full results featured on the trade’s most relied-upon product ordering platform: beveragemedia.com.

Scores, awards and reviews appear for nearly 2,000 products where they have maximum impact: at the point of placing orders with distributors. This is available in the following markets: New York City, New York Metro, Upstate New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maryland. 


Ultimate Wine Challenge & Ultimate Spirits Challenge Ratings & Reviews Appear on Retailer Web Sites Throughout the U.S.

Wines and spirits that score highly in the annual Ultimate Wine Challenge and Ultimate Spirits Challenge have their full results featured on over 200 ecommerce websites for retailers, specifically designed to sell to consumers. Powered by Beverage Media’s Bevsite web site platform, individual product pages include UBC’s ratings, accolades, awards, and full tasting note.

These consumer oriented sites are collectively viewed by a large wine and spirit-buying market:

  • 20 states.
  • 200+ websites.
  • 18,000 visitors per day, 6.5 million site visits per year.
  • 68,000 page views per day, 25 million page views per year.
  • $30 million+ in orders processed per year.

There is no charge for inclusion; it’s yet one more way that Ultimate Beverage Challenge delivers value to wine and spirit producers where it counts: getting results in front of consumers.


Featured Editorial in Beverage Media 

Chairman’s Trophy recipients from both Ultimate Spirits Challenge and Ultimate Wine Challenge have been featured in recent issues of Beverage Media on a national basis. In print, Beverage Media Group is the editorial and service provider to The Beverage Network Publications, and combines timely, in-depth national and local editorial coverage with brand and price listings from distributors. The local publications reach over 86,000 retailers, restaurateurs, distributors and other members of the wine and spirits trade. It is the pricing reference for the industry in the U.S. Online beveragemedia.com provides daily industry news, editorial archives and a robust event calendar. In addition, through its BevSites division, the company also hosts approximately 200 e-commerce websites for retailers, specifically designed to meet the buying needs of consumers.


Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2019 
Chairman's Trophy winners 
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Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2018 highlights cocktails
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Ultimate Wine Challenge 2018 Chairman's Trophy winners
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