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Spirits Trend: Craft Frozen Drinks

The frozen drinks machine has been through a long journey, and the drinks being churned out at tops bars across the United States are a far cry from the syrupy frozen daiquiri and margarita mixes of the 90’s. High end machines, combined with cocktail programs that focus on quality ingredients have created a new wave of frozen drinks, including the ever popular frosé — a dangerously delicious combination of rosé, vodka, and sugar. 

One of the main challenges is the amount of sugar needed in the base recipe to get the right consistency, not too icy or watery, but rather a creamy and smooth texture that goes down like a smoothie or milkshake. The best drinks also ramp up the alcohol by volume to match the sugar, opting to serve a slightly smaller portion of the potent drinks. Mother’s Ruin and sister bar Loverboy, favorite bars among beverage industry professionals in New York City, stick with seasonal flavors to make the concoctions even more irresistible. They also named their machine James Swirl Jones making every aspect of the high quality frozen tipples pure fun. 

Like the wine spritzer, frozen drinks have suffered long enough, having earned a bad reputation due to low quality iterations from decades ago. With fresh fruit juices, homemade syrups and infusions it’s no surprise that this new wave of frozen drinks is gaining popularity. It’s easy to argue that the time is ripe for this fun and downright satisfying style of beverage enter the craft bar world full steam ahead. 

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