Ultimate  Challenge

Cocktail Judging

One of the many attributes that sets us apart from other spirits competitions is our cocktail component. We understand that just because a spirit tastes great on its own doesn’t mean it will translate in a cocktail, and vice versa. In an effort to give each spirit as many opportunities as possible to shine, we have a dedicated panel of seasoned cocktail judges put the spirits to the test in freshly made drinks. As always, this is included in the entry price.

We use scientific precision when crafting the cocktails to eliminate even the slightest variation between amounts of ingredients. Each drink is tasted in blind small flights with a side of the neat spirit for reference. Because such intense time and care is given to the each drink, we stagger the spirits categories tested in cocktails year by year. In 2019, we will evaluate all spirits in the Gin, Rum and American Whiskey categories. Stay tuned for results, coming soon!

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