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Spirit Score: Fabriquero Sotol

Sotol is an interesting spirit that has just recently come into the international market. Culturally the same as mezcal, with similar production methods, the major difference is the source plant, dasylirion wheeleri, also called the desert spoon plant. The plant is a close cousin of the agave or maguey, but produces a spirit with distinct flavors, generally more herbal, vegetal, and acidic than many other agave spirits.

Fabriquero Sotol was the only sotol entry for 2018’s Ultimate Spirit Competition, with a very good score of 87 Points and a strong recommendation.

A pungent aroma of fermented yellow fruits is unique and earthy. In the mouth it is tangy and bright with perfumed flavors of melon and overripe tropical fruits. Kiwi and fermented mango are sweet with a hint of funk on the finish.

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