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Spirit Trend: Hot Cocktails

Serving spirits in a warming concoction opens the doors to more satisfying beverages during the increasingly extreme seasons, and many top bars have figured this out. While chilled classics like margaritas and manhattans are never truly out of season, offering hot cocktails creates a cozy environment that invites guests to linger and stay out of the cold.

Big name brands like Jameson and Belvedere feature warm cocktails on their websites, albeit it traditional takes or slightly tweaked versions of the classics. This shows that warm cocktails are becoming part of the standard drink line up, a necessity rather than a novelty.

Looking at menus, it’s clear that warm cocktails have evolved beyond traditional spiked coffee and hot toddies to be competitive on the most cutting edge menus. Bar Goto, one of the most acclaimed cocktails bars in New York City offers a yuzu hot toddy, giving this classic a welcomed edge. Another hotly anticipated newcomer to the New York City cocktail scene, Existing Conditions, offers a range of seasonal warm drinks, one of which features Madeira, a tangy and slightly sweet fortified wine.

While spirits companies remain rooted in beloved classics, the mixologists and bartenders are the ones responsible for driving this trend forward and taking it to the next level.
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