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Spirit Trend: Rye Goes Upmarket

The rye whiskey category has been steadily growing over the past few years. In 2018 Ultimate Spirit Challenge evaluated over 30 ryes, the vast majority scoring 90 Points or above. This resurgence in rye is bringing with it a bigger range of quality and craft spirits, and consumers are willing to pay for it. While rye has largely been considered a value driven category in the past, some of the prices we are seeing on newer bottlings may mean serious competition for other established whiskey categories like Scotch and bourbon.

Brands like Balcones and Heaven’s Door are reaching into the $70 and up price range. Similarly, Hillrock is offering cask finished rye for up to $100 per bottle. As the category continues to blossom into its renaissance we can expect more brands to follow suit with high end spirits for top dollar prices.

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