Ultimate  Challenge

Ultimate Wine Challenge Underway: Judging Methodology

We take equal pride in the high quality of our judges and our judging methodology. Judging is designed to be fair, unbiased and user friendly for easy consumer interface.

Our state of the art tasting facility was built with judging in mind, creating a comfortable and efficient space for judging, allowing the judges to fully concentrate on each product’s profile without having to rush. One of our cornerstones is small flights in order to avoid palate fatigue. Flights are arranged by category, giving each wine a chance to shine within an appropriate context. Every wine is tasted blind to so that results are 100% unbiased, which means scores are an accurate reflection of the wine’s quality regardless of the brand or price. Last but not least, our 100 point scale is a consumer friendly rating system that can be directly leveraged for promotion and marketing.

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