Ultimate  Challenge

Ultimate Wine Challenge 2019 Judges

Our wine judges for Ultimate Wine Challenge are second to none. Arranged in panels of 2, judges taste the wines blind in small flights. All finalist wines get tasted by at least 2 panels, receiving honest and impartial scores.

Among our family of judges are Master Of Wine and Master Sommelier Doug Frost, who is one of just a handful of people in the world to complete both certifications. Doug is a respected writer, lecturer and consultant for wine and beer, and recipient of various awards. Another one of our all-star judges is Master Of Wine Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan. Jennifer makes regular appearances on prime time TV, consults with Food Network stars and educates wine professionals all over the country. Along with the other acclaimed judges they bring a high degree of professionalism and invaluable experience to the judging room.

Relying on the most sought after and top palates in the industry is a big part of what makes Ultimate Wine Challenge results an industry standard. Having tasted wines from all parts of the world and at all quality levels our judges are unequivocally qualified to know which wines stand out from the pack.

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