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Spirits Trend: Durango Mezcal

The mezcal category continues to grow, and while the vast majority of certified mezcal is still being produced in Oaxaca, the other states have significantly increased production and international visibility. Durango, a state in northern Mexico, is the second largest producer of mezcal, with new brands entering the United States market in rapid succession.

One of the 2019 Ultimate Spirits Challenge entries was Bosscal Damiana from Durango, scoring 91 Points, Highly Recommended by the judges. This traditional Durango style mezcal is made from the most common local variety, cenizo durangensis, and distilled with the damiana herb, known for its stimulating effect and cardiovascular health benefits.

The differences in varieties and production styles from Durango places it in a good position to grow in this market that has a seemingly unending thirst for new agave spirits. As Durango continues to produce and certify more of their mezcals, we can expect to see a influx of products at different quality levels from entry level to ultra premium.

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