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Wine Trend: Loire Valley Wines

There’s no denying that France makes great wine. Many of the most acclaimed wines of the world as well viticulture and vilification technologies come from France. Usually, the great wines come with equally great price tags. Loire Valley wines stand out in the sea of costly high end wines by offering excellent value across the board. From reds and whites to rose and sparkling, the Loire Valley produces a wide range of styles that almost always over perform for their price point.

Two Loire Valley wines from the 2018 Ultimate Wine Challenge that the judges loved were Marcel Dubois White Loire Wine 2017 Vouvray with 95 Points, and Gratien & Meyer Brut Cremant de Loire with 90 Points.

The diversity of the styles makes this a region that can satisfy almost any wine drinker while also offering something unique. At Ultimate Wine Challenge 2019 there are more wonderful Loire Valley entries - results will be released in early June.

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